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We want Nutirition Council of Pakistan

Humaima Afzal Humaima Afzal · Lahore, PK

We want Nutirition Council of Pakistan
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A balance diet is key to healthy life and it also helps in quick recovery of ailing patients. It also plays a key role in brought up of a health nation. As the the saying goes:

> A healthy mind needs a healthy body

Unfortunately in Pakistan, proper nutrition and balance diet is neglected at large and most important reason for this is lack of awareness and a proper regulatory body to push for it. According to UNICEF, > Nearly 10 million children are mal-nutrient in Pakistan. > 8 out of 10 children do not eat enough or eat the right type of food.

This leads to a growing number of mal-nutrient population which leads to decreased overall immunity, affects the productivity of individuals as well as community in whole while overburdening our already crippled health system with vulnerable patients.

It's the need of time that in the footsteps of developed nations, our government take practical steps to tackle this problem. We as nutritionists, who have dedicated our lives to this field as professionals, demand and suggest the following points to Hon Prime Minister and President of Pakistan:

  • Legislate for a National Nutrition Council on emergency basis
  • Create posts for Nutritionists in government hospitals on all basis
  • Start awareness campaigns as per advice of professional nutritionists on all levels for better and balanced diets

These steps will have last longing effects on our nations' betterment and prosperity and will lead to a healthy society for benefit of all of us

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Prime Minister, Imran Khan

We want Nutirition Council of Pakistan

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