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Upgrade Sindh Police

Ismail Magsi Ismail Magsi · Lahore, PK

Upgrade Sindh Police
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Respected CM Sb,

You are well aware of the crucial role Police plays in maintaining law and order. Sindh Police has always been at fore front of fighting terrorism and violence, specially in Karachi. The sacrifices of Sindh Police isn't hidden from anyone. Our Jawans do duties round the clock to cover for the low number of troops required as well as hundreds have laid down their lives in the line of Duty.

Due to current country wide inflation and low wages of Police, it has become difficult for majority of us to provide sustenance for our families as well lack of proper tools and facilities have directly affected our capabilities to deliver perfect results on our Jobs.

A weak police force results in weakening of law & order situation, increase in corruption and difficulties for the public to get easy access to Justice as the department is overall rendered incapable to deliver efficient services.

As per the application number 217/E-II/ASI from Inspector General, Sindh Police, dated 02-01-2018, we request you to immediately notify up-gradation of all eligible designation in Police for betterment of all. Our plea is in accordance with those of Punjab and KP Police who have been upgraded in past months.

We will be eternally grateful to you for this kind gesture as well as the public of Sindh who will appreciate improvement in Law & Order Situation.

مارچ 1, 2021

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Chief Minister, Murad Ali Shah

Upgrade Sindh Police

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