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Stop Police Brutality Now!

Muhammad Waqar Muhammad Waqar · Sargodha, Punjab, PK

Stop Police Brutality Now!
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Police plays a vital pillar of state in order to keep law and order. Most of them usually deals with most vulnerable part of population as they are mostly affected by crimes as well suspected for crimes in first place.

However, police has no role in acting as judge or Executioner in general and specifically when it comes to suspects. Suspects of crime aren't charged for a committed crime unless and untill the judicial process see through the case.

Unfortunately in Pakistan, that's not the case. Police arrest have always been very derogatory and right down violent in majority of cases. Not to mention, the numerous murders of innocent people during arrests as well as in custodies.

It's high time that we all stand up to this gross violation of human rights and demand reforms to the Police departments in all four provinces. A better police with high morality will lead to a peaceful society as well as restore the trust of common people in law & order system of Pakistan.

فروری 13, 2021

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Ministery of Interior, Interiror Minister

Stop Police Brutality Now!

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