Haseeb Ahmed Khan
Karachi City, Sindh, PK
Saba Rashid
Sheikhupura, Punjab,
I am from backward area and I have I have internet connection issues
M. Ali Shakir
Faisalabad, Punjab,
I want physical classes.
Mudasir Hussain
Vehari, Punjab,
I am signing because we want physical classes.
Rabia iqbal
Faisalabad, Punjab,
I am signing this petition because I am not satisfied with online classes and want to attend oncampus physical classes.
We want physical classes because there is no alternative other than physical classes to reach the goal...
Faisalabad, Punjab,
Because we want on campus study
Faisalabad, Punjab,
We want physical classes
Uzair Siddique
Faisalabad, Punjab,
We want physical clases
Faisalabad, Punjab,
Because we are freshers and we demand physical classes through out the semester. We can't compromise on our studies now.