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Put an End to Professional Beggary

Irshad Chohan Irshad Chohan · Lahore, Punjab, PK

Put an End to Professional Beggary
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Generosity of Pakistanis is well known even in foreign countries. We are warm hearted nation with great sympathy and empathy for others. Unfortunately, not all of us carry the same values. Our generosity has been exploited many times, even by fraudulent organizations & criminals.

One aspect of this exploitation is organized begging, by professional beggars who have chosen begging as a lifestyle, not because of any specific need but because of the ease through which they can compel others to pay them charity. Such professionals haven't stopped on begging only by themselves, instead they have nourished proper criminal groups by utilizing children, women and disabled people in all possible ways to gain the sympathies of bypassing people and get them to pay those beggars.

Our religion tells us that begging without need is a curse. No person of dignity will hold his hand in front of a complete stranger without having a genuine reason for it. Sad fact is that most of these beggars don't care for any morality or teachings of Islam and there numbers have been on rise since forever.

Nowadays, one can't escape facing a beggar when they go out of there home. They are on chowks, in front of malls, shops and hotels and even run door to door campaigns in residential area. There is an estimate that there are up to 25 million active beggars in Pakistan which is almost 10% of our whole population.

Imagine the socio-economic burden on a country where 10% of there population acts as parasite on the rest of nation without contributing any benefit to the community in any sector. It's a heavy burden on an economy that is already crippled by top to bottom corruption and decades of poor planning.

This also sets a poor precedent for the children, who make the majority of these beggars working in organized fashion. As these children learn an easy way to earn and go without education or other vocational skills, majority of them are doomed to carry out begging as a profession for the rest of there lives. In worse case scenario, such children often end up committing more serious crime like stealing, robbery and even becoming gun for hire.

On top of all this, these beggars overshadow and outnumber the genuinely needy people who are usually left helpless because of lack of professional begging skills that these criminal beggars posses.

Although governments have passed and acted upon many regulations to curb this curse upon our nation, they haven't been implemented practically enough to eradicate it.

I therefore ask you to join me by signing this petition, to insist on our government to take serious and properly planned action against such criminal organizations and to put an end to professional begging by uprooting the organizers of such syndicates. I also insist on behalf of all of us, to put begging children in rehabilitation centers and hold there parents to law for gross negligence in upbringing of there children.

Such an action will definitely pave a way for betterment of Pakistan and will also help improve the charity collection by authentic organizations and genuinely needy but helpless people.

February 12, 2021

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Ministry of Interior, Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed

Put an End to Professional Beggary


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