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Justice for Abdul Haq

Yasir Khattak Yasir Khattak · Lahore, PK

Justice for Abdul Haq
Human Rights in Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, PK
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Abdul Haq was a brilliant student of National University of Modern Languages, Islamabad. Like any other students, he joined the university for dreams of future in his eyes. He was hardworking student as well as a patriotic Pakistani who was gunned down by his own own University colleague a day ago.

His brutal murder is as shocking as sorrowful for all of us. One can only imagine the pain his parents are going through after hearing the news of his terrible death. It only adds to there suffering and our insecurity overall that even after days being passed, authorities haven't even identified the murderers, let alone arresting them and providing justice to our martyred brother.

The question arises that why are majority of Pushtoons target of such brutality in educational institutions? Universities are meant to be cradle of civilization, peace and grooming of new generation of a nation but our universities have turned into centers of blood and fire for us.

On top of all of this, the silence from the top officials of government is both gruesome and send chills along the spine. Are our lives so worthless that there isn't even a single word of condemnation from even a single Minister? Is this what our parents pay for and send us to far fetched areas from home to receive our dead bodies?

Mr. Prime Minister, I know you are "extremely busy" with election drama but let me remind you that people have elected you for change. And if you cannot even few minutes to reassure the grieving of Abdul Haq for justice then the future of our young generation is a lost cause.

My fellow students, Justice delayed is Justice denied. Join me in this petition to demand immediate action from authorities. If we don't stand up today, there is no ending of injustice tomorrow.

Let us be clear and loud to all the elements of violence that we will not fear them and will not be silenced by there brutalities.

March 5, 2021

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Letter to
Prime Minister, Imran Khan

Justice for Abdul Haq


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