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Enforce telecom comapnies to provide optimal internet speed

Ummer Sultan Ummer Sultan · Islamabad, Islamabad Capital Territory, PK

Enforce telecom comapnies to provide optimal internet speed
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In this digital era where everything from our private lives to public services is increasingly getting dependent on internet, the role of stable and optimum speed network connectivity cannot be denied. With the recent pandemic, the importance of internet has only increased tremendously.

Furthermore, in Pakistan where there is extreme lack of quality education, public libraries and job oppurtunities, our dependence on internet has become crucical for quick access to latest and upto date knowledge, critical and casual communication as well as alternative job oppurtunities for millions of self-taught freelancers who will be otherwise hopeless in our national job market. Just in 2018, Pakistani freelancers contributed more than $1 billion dollars to national economy and it has been growing ever since.

All of this, thanks to the internet. However, we can't ignore the fact that the internet services in Pakistan has been very unreliable in terms of coverage as well as transfer speeds and our complaints to the support centers of major telecom companies, mainly Jazz, Zong, Telenor & Ufone has mostly fell upon deaf ears.

While consumer in major cities like Islamabad, Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi etc may enjoy somewhat standard services, it's the folks in the peripheries who are most vulnerable and who have more dependence on internet to break the schakles of there class. Those are the ones who suffer the most from sub-standard network speeds and availability in there area.

Therefore, we request the honorable Chairmen, Pakistan Telecommunication Authroity, to act immediately in enforcing and regulating the telecom compnies to:

  1. Be more transparent about there network coverage areas
  2. Provide minimum guaranteed speeds for there internet packages and services
  3. Adjust data cost in par with our economy and the vast majority of people who can't afford it

We will also like to add here that the telecom companies should be compelled to provide there packages in accordance with our day to day lives and not as a marketing scheme for there profits. For example, Jazz & Zong provide MBB data packages which are mostly divided between day and nights hence allowing only a small portion of the subscribed data package to be used at any given time.

We hope that such regulations will help not only improve the day to day lives of common people but will also have a huge and vast impact on our growth as a nation by allowing new industries and sectors to boom and making Pakistan stand out in global IT race. Because, we don't have lack of talent, we have lack of proper infrastructre and regulations for giant multi-natioanl companies.

February 12, 2021

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Letter to
Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, Chairman

Respected Sir, As head of PTA, you are well aware of the importance of internet in our lives. However, lack of proper regulations from previous administrations for telecommunication comapnies to commit to standards for there services has put us, the people, at a big disadvantage in comparison to our peers in global village. For many of us, quality and reliable internet services means a difference between: * A stable life for our family and jobless frustations * Access to quality, free education and ignorance with current education level of our country * Access to latest information and skewed news by media controlled by big corporations with bias * Moving our country forward in the digital era and backwardness in the traditional ways We request you to listen to our pledge, work out with government departments to regulate and enforce those regulations so that internet providers stop ripping of customers and commit to the service standards that they advertise. We, the people, will be eternally grateful to you for such steps!


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Hassnain Javed
Hassnain Javed

Net is very slow

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