4 petitions

Petition to Hafeez Shiekh
Legalize CryptoCurrency

Cryptocurrency is one of the gift of modern technology. It has been a hope of array for the underprivileged class of society to break out of the continuous cycle of ...

Petition to Imran Khan
Freelancers Tax Extemption

Pakistani freelancers are one of the prominent contributors to ailing economy of our country. Just in 2020, freelancers and IT exports have added $600 million as inwards foreign remittances, ...

Petition to Murad Ali Shah
Upgrade Sindh Police

Respected CM Sb, You are well aware of the crucial role Police plays in maintaining law and order. Sindh Police has always been at fore front of fighting terrorism and ...

Petition to Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed
Put an End to Professional Beggary

Generosity of Pakistanis is well known even in foreign countries. We are warm hearted nation with great sympathy and empathy for others. Unfortunately, not all of us carry the ...